Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Apple or HP, which is the bad guy?

My wife and I use Mac at home. We have a dual G4 desktop and Powerbook G4. We recently upgraded the OS to Leopard. The OS itself is working fine but now we cannot print! We have a brand new HP Color LeserJet 2605dn purchased in August last year and it had been working fine with Panther and Tiger but NOT with Leopard!

Usually there were always some glitches like this whenever the new OS was released. So I waited for a while. The Leopard was released at the end of October 07. I waited till early January 08. But the printer problem (especially with HP) has not been resolved at this point. I don't know who started it but there is a printer protocol called "Bonjour". HP and Apple both are supposed to be supporting this protocol. But not with Leopard!? I sought help to both Apple and HP. HP customer service people tried to help me and suggested to do several things but so far none of them worked.

The suggestion from HP support center was basically to remove any HP drivers and try the generic postscript printer driver. The problem of my Leopard is that it does not accept ANY printer driver including the generic postscript printer driver. The error message is something like "access privilege denied...". Of course I ran Disk Utility and performed the Repair Disk Permissions in advance. The conclusion from the HP people was that it was a OS problem since it did not accept ANY printer driver. Apple provided NO help. I paid my money to BUY Leopard so I would think I deserve some help from Apple. I am disappointed with lack of support by Apple.

Apple? NO help so far. I posted a question on Apple hosted discussion group but there is no answer so far. It seems like many Leopard users having a lot of problems with HP products. I have heard that Apple is buying out several Mac rumor web site to try controlling the information. It might be a part of the marketing strategy but I don't like it. I thought Apple's motto has been against the big corporation culture like PC/IBM. They are now doing the big corporation strategy themselves.

Other thing I thought strange was that Apple made it difficult to find the discussion group web page hosted by Apple. There is no direct link from their support page. You have to "search" from the Apple web page, then it shows up. That is really manipulative, isn't it? If you don't know, you cannot get there.

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