Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Warm spell at Owyhee... for a while

Finally, at last, I was fishing at Owyhee on Sunday. Of course, newly obtained season fishing license of Oregon in hand. The first trip to Owyhee of 2008 was with Maestro. I caught the "first" fish, though it was small, nice looking rainbow. I hooked three more nice fish after that (all big browns) but one jumped and shook the hook off, the other two, they both broke off the 6x tippet. I was using the Sage Z-axis 5wt that day with 6X tippet and small midge larva imitation. Z-axis is so stiff. It was all right for casting but when I fought with fish, it was not really protective to the fine tippet. I have to learn how to fight with fish with this rod...

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