Monday, December 25, 2006

South Fork of Boise River

O River is iced up at the moment. According to the Tattered Fly, South Fork of Boise River might be a good alaternative, so Maestro and I had a little Christmans Day outing to the section below the Anderson Ranch Dam. Snow had all melted in town but it was a different story in the mountain. Today was not bitter cold though, hovering around 40 deg F. We left home before 10 AM. I needed to get back home by ~5:30 PM for the Christmas Dinner.

It was cloudy all day today. Water temp. was ~42 deg F near the dam when we got there (~11:30 AM). No hatches or rising fish were ovserved. We both put a stone fly nymph with some kind of dropper and started nymphing. No luck at the first hole. Then, I got a hit on caddis larva dropper at the riffle where we went in on the way to down stream hole. It was an obvious take on the strike indicator. It was a nice 14 inches wild rainbow!

It's nice to have something warm for lunch! This cup noodle from Hong Kong kept me warm!

Finally, I hooked into a nice 19 inch rainbow hen! It was definitely one of the better day at South Fork!


african said...


サウスフォークすらも最近行けておらず、相変らず、近所でLimited Fishingを強いられております…


yokoyam3 said...

英語で書いたら、早速Tatterd Flyにリンクしてもらえました。日本語でのポスティングに何が書いてあるのか興味津々の様です。特に魚の写真のあるやつ(笑)!これからは日本語で書いた時でも釣りの話のときには英語のサマリーを付ける様にしようと思ってます。

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