Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Bonneville Hot Springs on the Christmas Day

Hawthorn(山査子)in our front yard. 冬になると真っ赤な実が綺麗だ。これ近所のリスの冬の主食。

After a little more than two hours drive on the mountain snow road, finally got to the trail head to the Bonneville Hot Springs. Our choice of trekking was the cross country skies. It could have been snow shoes, or even regular hiking boots since the trail's snow was well packed. It is usually easy to find the site of the hot springs in the winter because of the steam (make sure to click on the pix and see the steam!).

There is a bath tub with a roof for one or two people. The big pool is outside, however, it was too shallow and muddy on the bottom. We did not get in and just turned back to be on time for the Christmas dinner with friends. But it was fun to get out sometime!

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