Saturday, February 16, 2008

Chinese New Year Banquet

The Chinese New Year was Feb. 7 this year. Local Chinese restaurant in Boise, Oriental Express has a banquet course set menu for the occasion every year. This is seven dish plus dessert set course meal, minimum 4 people reservation was required ($21.95 per person). I asked my friends and got 13 people party this year.
The menu was, egg drop soup, cold dish, peking duck, shrimp with roasted walnut, longevity noodle, sea food hot pot, spicy fish, fried rice, then ice cream sundae for dessert. The dishes were good, however, I have some comments.

First, we had long table so it is hard to talk to the people on the other side. I hope they would get more round tables like many other Chinese restaurants do. Other thing was the quantity of the food. It was not enough to me. The minimum number of the people required for the reservation was 4. That means a party of 4 would get one serving per dish for sharing. However, we (big table of 13 people) only got two servings for each dish which makes 6 or 7 people sharing the each dish! The food was good but for the money we paid (~$26 total per person with tax and tip), we should have gotten more quantity of the food (three servings for each dish) I thought. I now remember that I had same dissatisfaction in the past about the quantity whenever I got a big party together. I think I should give this feedback to the restaurant and see what they say...

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